At PUSH we prize the infinite love and determination that women, for all of time, have brought to their births.  We even named ourselves in honor of literal and metaphorical pushing that has birthed every human life - it's powerful stuff!

It is in the hard work of pushing that the transformation occurs.  It is in the moment of the final PUSH that a new person enters the world… and a woman becomes a mother.

Birth is breathtaking and life  affirming - no matter how it happens.  It is sacred and beautiful.  It is also (and this part is less openly discussed) tremendously demanding physically and emotionally.  We are here to support every bit of it.  From planning, to conception, to delivery, to postpartum - you are in the gentlest, most experienced and authentically caring of hands.

There are countless ways to structure a birth plan and so many things to consider!  An out of hospital birth is not a catered event.  It is not scheduled, or pre-planned, and there are no guarantees.  It is an adventure that includes a full education in accountability, responsibility, and active participation.

A detailed list of our services:

Full Prenatal Care 
From the moment you find out you have a baby on the way, we’ve got you covered! We follow the standard prenatal schedule in our beautiful midwifery office and birth suite. Most lab work is done in the office and our ultrasounds are done off site. Our Push Store has our recommended supplements and our favorite books too!

Water Birth
The birth suite has a beautiful tub that is perfect for your labor and delivery.  We offer portable birth pools to our families that prefer to birth at home.

Lactation Consultations
Our lactation support can be done in our office or your home. We have a team of dedicated women that can assist with all things breastfeeding. From Board Certified Lactation Consultants to Certified Lactation Counselors we can help make feeding your little person just a bit easier. 

Family Planning
Timing can be everything! We can assist with planning a pregnancy as well as preventing one. 

Our wonderful Acupuncturists have over a decade of experience working as  practitioners of Oriental Medicine. Fertility and labor induction are two most popular services! 

Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care can be extremely helpful to women who suffer from the discomforts of pregnancy. Growing a person can put a body temporarily off balance. Our skilled providers can help put things back where they belong.


Birth Center Birth
The birth suite is beautiful! Should you need a private space to come have your baby that still feels like home, we have just the space. Come and see. 

Home Birth
You can choose to deliver in your home, or ours! All prenatal and postpartum visits are done in our office and birth suite, with the exception to your 36 week and 24 hour postpartum visit.  Full prenatal home care can be arranged for an additional fee. 

Well Woman Exams 
These are never fun. Unless we do them! Come see the midwives for your yearly exams. We can do all your lab work in our office and send you across the hall for a mammogram, should it be time for that too. 

Placenta Encapsulation
Placentas are prepared by trained encapsulators.  There are several ways to use your placenta and many women are choosing to encapsulate. We offer this service for our families birthing both in and out of the hospital.

Our massages are offered in our house, or yours! 

Doula Support
Our Doula mingle is offered once a month at the birth suite. Come meet these talented and dedicated women that will offer comfort and bring ease to your labor. Whether birthing with us or in the hospital, everyone is welcome to attend.  

While you are considering your birth options, here are some facts about licensed midwives.  We are:

  • Midwifery school graduates with four years of clinical training. 
  • Certified Professional Midwives.
  • Licensed and regulated by the California Medical Board.
  • Respectful of standards of care in obstetrics, with true informed consent.
We believe the preparation process for childbirth should be a team effort. We become partners in creating the best possible experience for you, your family, and your baby.
— Robyn Pool

Give us a call to set up a complimentary initial consultation.

We can answer all your questions in our beautiful new office and birth center.  Don’t worry, we won’t push… you will!

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